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Critical Role

Aug 31, 2017

The adventures of Critical Role’s party, Vox Machina, are discussed and dissected with host Brian Wayne Foster and guests Matthew Mercer, Liam O'Brien, and Travis Willingham.

Aug 29, 2017

Now presenting: Vox Machina vs. Thordak the Cinder King!

Aug 28, 2017

Brian Wayne Foster brings on Will Friedle and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn along with Laura Bailey and Taliesin Jaffe to talk the most recent episode of Critical Role!

Aug 27, 2017

The battle for Emon begins! Vox Machina makes their way toward the ruins of the Cloudtop district!

Aug 26, 2017

The Pit Crew joins Brian Wayne Foster to discuss all the behind-the-scenes secrets! Later on, Matt Mercer, Liam O'Brien, and Marisha Ray join to discuss the latest episode.